1. Paul

    Might buy a copy if there is some great stuff in there but its a tough call with WordPress books. I think the WordPress plugin development book that came out recently was a good, long lasting book (ie won’t be obsolete the next time WP releases a new version with new interface). If WordPress Bible can pull that off it would be worth a buy.

    Personally I’d love one of these publishers to sell a PDF version that you get say 6-12 months free revisions for so that you get the edits for whatever new WP versions come out in that time. For PDF distribution I would even say they could edit and release a new revision within 30 days of a new WP release.


  2. Epic Alex

    @Paul – You’ve got a point, with something like WP that gets updated regularly, being able to receive updates as a digital copy would be very useful.

    This is my main problem with publishing a book on WP, it can very quickly go out of date, but I still might buy this one if the price is right!


  3. Jason Grant

    I agree with Paul in terms of PDFs and new versions being provided.

    I’m trying to write a book using Word Press and so far it’s going OK, but writing any book is pretty time consuming and lonely task.


  4. Jeffro

    I know that with WordPress For Dummies which is published under the same company, Lisa is able to provide updates in PDF format that are available for free from her site and the Dummies.com site while every 18-24 months, she writes a new revision of the entire book to bring it all up to date.

    I don’t see the WordPress bible being able to go down the same route due to the length of the book but who knows. If it contains most of the guts of WordPress, I don’t see that changing much due to backwards compatibility so I think the book will be a valuable resource for a long time.


  5. Vix

    I’ll be picking up a copy. I like that it deals with the inner workings of WordPress.


  6. Adam Wood

    “Digging into WordPress” http://digwp.com/book/
    is an online / offline book that keeps buyers updated with a continually revised online edition. Sounds like exactly what y’all are looking for.

    Only problem: I can’t buy it with my Amazon giftcard. Sad.


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