1. James C. Mailen
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    “Whatever your new project is, approach it based on what the project itself needs.”

    That right there says it all.

    I’m working on multiple projects right now. In one I’m building some Elementor Widgets and another is a tool for building template parts in plain old HTML, CSS & Vanilla JS. It’s a tool for people who need to fine tune outputs for specific elements on a page. Well, actually you can use PHP and SCSS in it, but the point is the audience for what you’re building.

    In the first case it’s part of a PlugIn used by an Agency’s staff. These are extremely smart, intelligent and capable people – but with a very limited understanding of HTML and CSS. They don’t have time for it and honestly Elementor is a fantastic tool for them.

    The second is a PlugIn for developers that need to customize output from another PlugIn of ours. These are people who need to get their hands into the code and is a totally different set of people than the first.

    If it’s a tool for the general public, then embrace the change. But if it’s a niche tool and there’s a really good reason, then get yours hands dirty and get into the nitty gritty.

    Here’s my take on the current scene. Everything gets Elementor. Gutenberg is… a noble pursuit, but not something any of our customers are remotely interested in. It’s a good thing we use Genesis (Nope, Not Hello!) because the whole new block based sidebar widget screen is (trying to say this politely) something our customers would revolt on and Genesis already has the code snippet to restore sanity and put the widgets page back to normal.

    So it depends, but unless you’re building a site or a tool for the geeks of the world I’d just punt and put Elementor on there (no offense to Divi, it’s a close second and poor old Gutenburg… I’m sorry, but it’s not a tool that we would use).


  2. Ricardo
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    Great post.
    I think I needed this answer to start running again.
    Thank you.


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