Ask Jeff: How Did You Get The vBulletin Template So Similar To Your Main Site?

askjeff80x80This post is part of an ongoing series called Ask Jeff. This is where I’ll take a question someone within the WPTavern or WordPress community gives me and provide my thoughts/answer to. This question was submitted by Rob.

How did you get the vBulletin template so similar to your main site. Like header and footer wise?

Well Rob, the hard part was getting the WPTavern site design to a point where I could stop focusing on the actual design. So, I opted for this brown and reddish color scheme. Thankfully though, I was in luck as I found a vBulletin style that pretty much matched the design of the website. The style is called gfx_v3BrownGold and can be located for purchase at I removed most of the images and replaced the containers with CSS colors. I also edited the header file so I could add the same links to the forum header that are the same as on the blog. The background for the forum is the same as the site which was just a CSS edit for the background property in the style. The header is not exactly the same as the site since it does not stretch across the entire page. It doesn’t stretch because of the way the style has been coded but it’s close enough for me.

To make a long story short, I designed the site first, then found a style that was as close as I could find to the site design. I then replaced images, deleted images, and edited the forum styles CSS until I got it matching pretty close to the site. It took me about 30-45 minutes to edit the forum style to match the site which at the time, I was really thankful for.

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4 responses to “Ask Jeff: How Did You Get The vBulletin Template So Similar To Your Main Site?”

  1. I’m impressed you got it as close as you did considering you claim to know nothing about coding. That forum theme is a diabolical mess of spaghetti code.

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