Another Reason The WordPress Community Kicks Ass

WordPress Developer, freelancer and friend of mine Ptah Dunbar, was recently in a head on collision accident that nearly took his life. Everything you need to know regarding what happened can be read on the following Google Plus page but to make a long story short, Ptah found himself going headfirst off of his motorcycle through the windshield of a taxi without wearing a helmet. He was actually pronounced dead on the scene but was able to be brought back.

Thanks to the awesome people that make up the WordPress community, a website was started to help pay for some of his hospital bills as well as living expenses called Shortly after going live, the goal of $6,000.00 was reached and in fact, was exceeded by about $500.00.

A big thanks to all that donated to help Ptah get better. I’ve known the guy since attending my first ever Wordcamp event back in 2008, WordCamp Dallas. He has an awesome sense of humor while also being a talented coder. Ptah, I sincerely hope you get better and if there is any money left over, please buy a super cool helmet so this doesn’t happen again!

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