1. mwya

    Problem is, you are just one “random” (well, not really, but that’s not the point) user with your own set of tools/habits.

    There are millions of others with other types of workflow, and many bugs are still yet to be found.

    It will take a little while, but it’s definitely worth it.


    • Paul

      Another reason why slapping this into core is a bad idea.


    • Kristian

      Jeff has been a fairly vocal suporter of Gutenberg and only recently posted his story on his use of it.

      Even if Gutenberg isn’t ready for core just yet it is slowly getting to the point where it needs to take user feedback into account. The fact that Jeff wrote a fairly neutral article about current pain points in transitioning to Gutenberg is nothing but good for the project. Not all feedback fits in clearly defined GitHub issues and simple patches.

      For the record, I am very much in favour of Gutenberg and its inclusion in core once ready and stable.


  2. David McCan

    It is good that they are actively fixing things and moving forward. I think Gutenberg will get there, but there are still lots of rough spots. For example, try adding a link. https://cl.ly/2E2J400D420w


    • Peter Müller

      Thanx for the video. I experienced the same things (and more). Working with links in Gutenberg isn’t really a pleasurable experience at this time (V2.6) .

      “Open a link in a new tab” seems to have been dropped on purpose:


      • David McCan

        It looks like the option has been restored, along with other link related items in the 2.7 release:

        Several updates to link insertion interface:
        *Restore the “Open in new window” setting.
        *Remove the Unlink button. Instead, links can be removed by toggling off the Link button in the formatting toolbar.
        *Move link settings to the left.
        *Update suggested links dropdown design.
        *Allow UI to expand to fit long URLs when not in editing mode.
        *Improve visibility of insertion UI when selecting a link



  3. Sheri Ann Richerson

    I tried it and did not like it at all.

    I found it to be confusing and difficult to work with.

    I truly hope they give us a choice between it and the classic view.


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