1. that girl again

    Well, the Ideas forum started life as a publicity stunt public relations exercise, and as such was never an important part of the project. It was introduced to counter the general impression that WP development was a closed process driven pretty much entirely by Matt. This was around the same time as the Habari pseudo-fork was launched making a big deal out of being a genuinely open and democratic project.

    So yeah, like kvetches and codex and the multiple other neglected corners of wordpress.org, it’s one of those historical relics which served a purpose at the time but is now left to moulder. It was always kind of at odds with the ‘show us the code’ ethos of wp-hackers, and I would imagine that over the years the feedback of wordpress.com users has proved to be a more reliable indicator of what people really want from the software.


  2. jane wells

    @that girl again -I wasn’t around when the Ideas forum started, but I do know that when I was working up feature lists for 2.7 and 2.8, we went through the Ideas forum. It was also the basis for the survey on the dev blog about which features people felt were highest priority. The Ideas forum as it currently exists isn’t the best guide, because unless people are voting on all the potential features, rankings are deceptive. We’ll be working on how to fix the idea submission/ranking process in the next couple of months while we build out the opportunities for community involvement other than contributing code patches.


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