1. Keith Davis

    I’m with you Sarah.
    I like the new interface so I’m not likely to make any changes.

    I prefer to spend time on writing content and making the front end look good rather than looking for the perfect dashboard.


  2. Gez T

    Although a new lick of paint on the admin interface was probably overdue, I’m in the camp that feels the resulting design just doesn’t hang together. Typography is dreadful, and clear ‘bugs’ (like what happened to the grouping of elements in left admin column?). I think they forgot that most users using WordPress aren’t developers and just developed something ‘pretty’.

    I too have no time to worry about updating the admin UI as i want to focus on end site, but find it worrying that WP got it wrong, as many people feel, as this is the kind of thing that puts people off using a system.


  3. Rod

    Ditto… I like the new look in 3.8.. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the software I use… “for free”.. except for some plugins etc.. I do buy.


  4. Chris Howard

    Thanks, Sarah. I looked at it but didn’t prefer it.

    It made the menu text smaller, which I personally didn’t like.

    Also, it gave the menu items a gradient, which although making them easier to discern individually, also clashed greatly with the flat design of WP 3.8. A simple subtle line border would have been better.


  5. Marcelo

    I don’t like it neither.
    The integration with MP6 was the right move. Further modifications aren’t adding a great improvement yet.
    Happy holidays to everybody!


  6. Ian

    Resistance to change isn’t really the issue, Sarah … I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the new nav sidebar simply unusable.

    The visual clash between it and the main area is really difficult on the eye, and as for the sidebar itself, white text on a black background is a long-time readability no-no. Having to distinguish between black and the dark grey of submenus is equally difficult.

    I’ve had similar feedback from clients, so the alternatives you’ve provided are very welcome.


  7. Claire

    I think that the new interface is a massive improvement. I spend most of my time in the backend so for me the update was a pleasant surprise, loving WordPress again at the moment.


  8. agyrágóbogár

    I still can’t decide if I like it or not. There are some elements that look much better, but was kind’a used with the old version. Probably just takes time to get me used with it.


  9. wycks

    I also created one which retains most of the core aesthetics of 3.8 and stays “flat”. When working on sites which have a lot of menu items having some padding, a slightly smaller font and a subtle border really helps the eyeballs.

    It also works well with the Admin Color Schemer Plugin

    It’s on


  10. Vanessa Blaylock

    I like Facebook because you can have any color you want.

    As long as it’s blue.


  11. jane

    Newer isn’t always better. My “resistence” is that the Add New Plugins page is now filled with excessively large boxes that are hard to scan through quickly rather than the old list/table. There’s no way to toggle the view between list and grid. There is no way to sort. This is just bad UI design. It’s dumbed down and less usable.


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