1. PUBG Tips

    Awesome! I uninstalled AMP couple weeks ago after it keep showing certain error I could not fix for every mew post. I hope the issue will be fixed with this release.


  2. CreateIT

    Awesome news! This is a great update. AMP technology which is properly paired together with service worker makes a perfect match for speeding up overall performance and user experience.


  3. Amit Das

    That’s a great news. I am also using amp plugin in my website and I am also facing some issues but hope this version can resolve that.


  4. nic at

    I tried several amp plugins and they always have errors with data structure in Google test , anyone else have same issue


  5. Frederike

    How can we use AMP and be GDPR compliant with opt out for user?


  6. Peter Shaw

    Amp is anti web, anti standards, and most importantly unneccessary. The WordPress community should not support this project in any way.


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