1. Geraldine

    It would be nice if the community – and WordCamp organizers – knew who were making decisions on their behalf about what they can, and can’t do.

    Obviously it’s the WordPress Foundation – does anyone know who makes the decisions for the Foundation?

    Are any of them not Automattic employees?


  2. Syed Balkhi

    Can’t agree with you anymore Jeff. If the folks over at the WP Foundation just come out and explain things themselves, then it would prevent issues like these…


  3. colbert

    I see a lack of Transparency in a lot of groups and companies nowadays. Just pushing your way through is not the way to go and there will be flared tempers.


  4. Julian Suvarez

    Ultimately WordCamp Central falls under the umbrella of the WordPress Foundation, not Automattic. The Foundation is run by Matt. Just like with everything involving WordPress the buck stops with him. So any rules being implemented are being done so with his blessing.

    What i’d like to know is how can a group of people that are supposedly so intelligent constantly make the same mistake in how they handle things?

    Do they honestly not realize when they implement a rule that restricts what others can do or changes how things have been done up til now in the community that it’s going to bring with it some sort of negative reaction?

    I see people that are mentioned frequently by name due to the fact they were involved in the decision complaining about the drama and the personal attacks. I’m sorry, but when you implement a controversial decision A) don’t be surprised that people are going to react negatively and B) don’t be surprised when they mention you by name considering you are the one involved in the decision making process.

    What i’d like to know is why aren’t they expecting negative reactions to these types of decisions and taking steps to limit these type of reactions by being more transparent AND official in how they announce rules for both WordCamp Central and WordPress.org?

    Instead of complaining about personal attacks on certain individuals, maybe the leader of the WordPress Foundation should step up and deliver any news they think may be controversial or bring about a negative reaction himself. That is what a leader does. A leader doesn’t put those that he leads in this position.

    They bring this on themselves. The solution is pretty simple. You outline a big part of it in your post. The other part of it is Matt himself should step up, be a leader and deliver any news that could potentially be controversial himself rather than using his underlings as a shield for the negative reaction.


  5. M

    I don’t see any problem with companies making an offer to attendees. If it’s a “legalistic” sticking point then a group such as DevPress could simply say “send us a copy of your registration receipt” or similar and be done with it – no official endorsement required.

    Aside from that, someone at the Foundation could realize “Oh wow, this might help stimulate attendence”

    Problem is, there are younger minds over there will little if any substantial business experience.


  6. Scott Kingsley Clark

    Did someone remove WPCandy from Planet WordPress over this or were they removed sometime long ago? I thought they were added just back in May..


  7. Jeffro

    @Scott Kingsley Clark – I don’t think they were removed explicitly because of their post. From my understanding, they were removed from the feed once but they were supposed to be re-added. Either that hasn’t happened yet or they were added, then taken down again.


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