All The Stats You Need To Know Regarding WordPress

Lorelle VanFossen has published a detailed article that covers a wide gamut of statistics related to WordPress. Most of the numbers are impressive. Amongst the stats, the one that surprises me the most is the fact that WordPress is being used in Indonesian at almost triple the rate of English, and nearly the sum total of English, Swedish, Dutch, and Romanian. I find that to be incredible and reminds me that the software not only has a big following here in the U.S. but has a much bigger following outside of the English language.


5 responses to “All The Stats You Need To Know Regarding WordPress”

  1. Yup, I live in Indonesia. WordPress is really famous here, dozens of beautiful themes with simple option for modification and much more complete feature on post (category and tag) that blogger can’t offer is one of the key that WordPress win against blogger.

    I Love WordPress, can’t switch to other even if try :lol:

  2. I’m always surprised at the stats when I stop to really pay attention. The international numbers are fascinating. In the early days of WordPress I heard over and over again that it wouldn’t work outside of English even while developers and volunteers were working overtime to embrace every language in the world. When WordPress had a translation for Esperanto and Urdu, the world starting sitting up and realizing the potential of WordPress.

    When I look at my own stats over the years for my site on WordPress, I’m always stunned to see a great volume from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Not the demographics I used to think of as I wrote my posts. Now, I give it more thought as I’m careful with my cultural bias.


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