1. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    Yup, I live in Indonesia. WordPress is really famous here, dozens of beautiful themes with simple option for modification and much more complete feature on post (category and tag) that blogger can’t offer is one of the key that WordPress win against blogger.

    I Love WordPress, can’t switch to other even if try :lol:


  2. Lorelle

    I’m always surprised at the stats when I stop to really pay attention. The international numbers are fascinating. In the early days of WordPress I heard over and over again that it wouldn’t work outside of English even while developers and volunteers were working overtime to embrace every language in the world. When WordPress had a translation for Esperanto and Urdu, the world starting sitting up and realizing the potential of WordPress.

    When I look at my own stats over the years for my site on WordPress, I’m always stunned to see a great volume from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Not the demographics I used to think of as I wrote my posts. Now, I give it more thought as I’m careful with my cultural bias.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    What actual stat is being measured in relation to Indonesian versus English though? If it’s the rate of change, then that’s quite different from the total number of sites.


  4. Kurt

    It’s amazing how rapidly WordPress is growing. Very nice reference material! Thanks to Lorelle for doing the research and putting it together.


  5. Juan

    WordPress has actually changed our lives. Without it we would not have been able to grow with the tech and social media boom


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