Ahmad Awais Releases WordPress Customizer Package for Sublime Text

Like many developers just getting started with the WordPress Customizer API, Ahmad Awais began with frameworks like Kirki, Redux, and Titan. After a short time, Awais discovered the problem with using frameworks in his projects.

“It quickly became hard to deal with the updates, backward compatibility, and then code quality especially concerning security,” he said. “I found myself reading more and more source code to keep up with their development. And then came a time when I felt I should probably go as native as I can to use WordPress APIs instead.”

Awais said a lack of documented examples is what initially hindered him from using the Customizer API, but after jumping in with both feet he found that the basic concepts were fairly clear. During the process of learning how to use the API, he built a Customizer package for Sublime Text to speed up his development workflow.

Sublime-WP-Customizer is a snippet-based library that makes it easy to create customizer options. After selecting a snippet, pressing the tab button will navigate from one editable area to the next.


The snippets make it easy to add customizer panels, sections, controls, and register functions. Sublime will auto-complete the snippets as the user begins typing.

“Over time, I have built a good deal of such dev-workflow-automation packages for Sublime Text that I plan to share with the WordPress community, with this package being the first of many,” Awais said.

Sublime-WP-Customizer is GPL licensed and available on Sublime Package Control and GitHub.

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