Aesop Story Engine 1.7.8 Improves Video and Chapter Component Usability on Mobile Devices

Nearly eight months after acquiring Aseop Interactive from Nick Haskins in 2015, Hyun Supual has released Aesop Story Engine 1.7.8. Supual prefaced the announcement by explaining why the blog hasn’t been updated in months.

“Although this blog has not been updated too frequently, work has been continuing on Aesop Story Engine,” Supual  said.

“The recent focus has been to address bugs and compatibility issues as the new versions of WordPress get released. I would like to talk about some recent changes that you may want to be aware.”

This release improves the Video and Video chapter components on mobile devices by offering ways to display alternate still images. Users can now choose a solid color background instead of an image or video in the Chapter component.

In addition, the Chapter component allows readers to navigate between chapters using the Page Up and Page Down keys instead of the up and down arrow keys. Supual ends the announcement by stating he’ll continue to make improvements.

After eight months of not communicating to users after the acquisition, it would be easy to assume that the project is dead. This release reassures users and customers that work on the project is ongoing and being maintained.



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