1. Andre

    Actually, I have to say I like this. Modern and very clean style; well laid out admin. I also like to see some plugins 100% ready for it. However, there is one I would love to see and I would get this…EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) and it’s add-on plugins too.


  2. scott

    I think the admin interface is in need of an overhaul as it looks dated (now dated in the same way as say Drupal) but not something that looks like it services most of the internet lol. The WooCommerce interface that they showcased on their dev blog

    I wish WordPress went in a very similar direction to that.


  3. Fresno Webmasters

    Totally digging the minimal admin. That dark style is just wow + the white labeling.


  4. Franke

    “This town needs an enema.”

    Something like this should get rolled into core. There’s lots of new-and-shiney in WordPress to which the existing UI doesn’t do justice.


  5. Stephen Vaughan

    Hats off to the developers for the work they put into this. Apart from the clean sophistication of the UI, it looks like the organisation of where everything is located is well thought out.

    It does though highlight the rather crummy way the backend of WordPress has been left for far too long. While a great addition to WordPress, the block editor development is obsessed with too many features beyond the need of many users and things that seem to be rushed and I’ll conceived and rather rudimentary in look, such as full site editing.

    WordPress could do with some internal housekeeping to tidy things up.


  6. Yep

    Both the WordPress.org site and the WP admin are looking outdated.

    Not to mention that neumorphism looks like a trend again and WP was so slow to implement a modern design that they implemented something which will soon be already obsolete – I am that minimal high-contrast flat theme.


  7. romapad

    “Good Afternoon block” – could be removed, no use.


  8. Ant Ekşiler

    It’s pretty badly coded and has no hierarchy in design whatsoever.

    Sorry to be harsh.


  9. zonebattler

    Looks nice and it is certainly a fresh approach!

    BUT: It means I’d have a plugin more to look after and since I want all backends of all my WordPress installations (be it my own ones or those maintained for friends, customers etc.) to look identical, I’d have to buy the Unlimited Sites LifeTime Licence for $ 100.

    I’m not saying that this is too much for what I’d be getting, but I’m saying that this is more than I personally am willing to spend for backend cosmetics. Yes, the default backend out of the box does look somwhat outdated, however I know by heart where I can access which feature and I can live with a “vintage”, yet very functional user interface…


  10. Li-An

    I like it but I cannot afford it. Too bad.


  11. Michael Edwin

    Admin 2020 looks amazing. I’m getting ready to buy. Then I think, “Ok, who are these guys, exactly? What else have they done?”

    I notice their cloudrun.me email address in their footer and decide to take a look at their website. Here’s what I get:

    Error establishing a database connection.

    …and it’s been like that since yesterday. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence.


  12. Devin Walker

    Looks really nice! I would definitely recommend the name change seeing as 2020 is… well, less than a stellar year to say the least.


    • Gary Taylor

      Whereas I’d keep the 2020, as it’s a ‘perfect vision’ of what the Admin screen could be… 😉


  13. Aaron Reimann

    “Good Afternoon, Mark.” probably should say “Howdy, Mark”. Or, is there a Howdy plugin that can take care of that? 🙂


  14. Derin

    I have it and I love it. Looking forward to the next release especially. I had made a request a few months ago with him on from Facebook messenger, if I could change the color of the dark mode. After some back and forth he explained why it at the time was really hard. I replied with “so it’s like you need to create an admin child-theme” He said yeah something like that. A few days later It popped up on in an anouncement as being on the roadmap. I’m sure it was already, but it made me feel like I was heard.


  15. Wplover

    It’s looks great!
    Фdmin 2020 supports RTL sites?


  16. Jonah Brown

    I am surprised that this isn’t something on the table already. After using other systems, the dashboard is feeling very outdated. Other platforms have been switching over to using reactJS or catching up to the fact that responsive design is needed in this area.

    Maybe the idea is when blocks become more of the standard or when the community pushes for change. IDK.

    WordPress can still fight for its position, till then props to these developers.


  17. Ivar Zuidhoek

    That looks amazing! One thing that seems to be missing in the demo is the “Screen Options” pulldown (where you can check the boxes of what columns you would like to see) .. Anyone else notice this? Is this something you can toggle via settings perhaps?


  18. Andy

    Looks great, and the price is very reasonable for a premium plugin license.


  19. Amber Hinds

    Looks nice, but the effort I would really see on the WP admin is to improve accessibility. Why bother redoing the backend but not addressing the existing contrast and other accessibility issues? Contrast feels like low-hanging fruit that could have easily been resolved with Admin 2020’s color modes but the same errors persist, which is disappointing.

    As an agency I don’t really see this useful unless we were whitelabeling WordPress and limiting client access. In our current model, clients know they’re using WordPress and many are brave enough to try their hand at making changes to the site. We also use WP101 training videos to help them lean how to use the site. As a result, we would never change the way the admin looks because it would no longer match what people see when they Google or watch a training video (which would only cause confusion).


    • Scott Hartley

      But the idea that it shouldn’t be changed because old videos on the internet wouldn’t be valid anymore is silly. Look at all the videos that became irrelevant when WordPress added the block editor. You eventually need to take a plunge when it comes to progress and sure somethings will be left behind but at the end of the day if it creates a better product that’s better for everyone.

      Also, so long as WordPress remains a popular platform video creators will create new videos to fill the void.


      • Amber Hinds

        True, lots of random tutorials have not been updated for Gutenberg. Luckily, with WP101 that is not the case. They rerecord videos with every update of WordPress and it saves us lots of time that would otherwise be spent teaching clients how to do basic things.


      • Bradley Allen

        There’s a big difference between WordPress core adding the block editor vs installing a premium plugin which dramatically alters the admin dashboard. I agree with Amber’s points.


      • Amber Hinds

        I should clarify that I’m not against up daating admin in core – because theoretically the tutorials on the web would be updated to reflect that. I just wouldn’t use a plugin like this that makes the admin dashboard significantly different from core.


        • Scott Hartley

          I can agree with this I personally was never a fan of these admin styling plugins either. They often times have very limited compatibility with third-party plugins. Those plugins of course have no incentive to add support for another developer’s reskin of the admin panel.

          I am still waiting for the Admin Panel dark mode plugin to fix its Gutenberg issues but I have lost all hope at this point. Proper dark mode is just a pipe dream in WordPress Core for the admin panel it seems :/


  20. Neha

    This looks really nice. Want to try this new look. Thanks for sharing this.


  21. zonebattler

    In my first comment above I stated that installing such a plugin would be an “all or none” decision for me since I wouldn’t want the admin areas of different WordPress installations to look different. Totally different.

    I have to admit that all of my backends (16 installations as of this writing) already DO look quite different from WordPress “out of the box”. It has become so normal for me that I wasn’t aware of it anymore!

    I’m talking about the plugin “W2O Admin Dropdown Menu” which is one of the first plugins that I install on every new WordPress website I’m responsible for. It has no user configurable options at all it does is transforming the vertical admin menu on the left hand side of the screen into a horizontal drop down menu on top of the screen.

    For me, this is absolutely fantastic. It saves time (most menus of most programmes I work with are designed this way), it saves screen space, it increases clarity and comprehensibility.

    Yes, my admin areas still look somewhat “vintage” and not really fancy. But that’s exactly what I want my backends to be! Fancyness would result in more white space and thus in more scrolling, more searching on more subscreens etc. I admit that his may be a matter of taste, and my taste may be “old school”… ;-)


  22. Mr David Hoy

    I’m guessing we’re going to start seeing some movement here, one of the first things I do is build a ‘welcome’ page that centralises all of the elements clients want to work on. If this is well coded, get it in core immediately, of not lets get some WordPress community love spread all over it and then get it into core 👍


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