Adding Twitter Anywhere Into Your WordPress Site

WPBeginner has a great tutorial on how to add the Twitter Anywhere service into your WordPress powered site. Twitter anywhere is a service provided by Twitter that enables webmasters to add twitter to a website with just a few lines of Javascript. Not just an embeddable box, but a box that enables tweeting by visitors, a follow button that works, and a slew of other features. I’m not sure if I want to add something like this to the WPTavern website but I suppose if enough people talk me into it, I could give it a try.

Unlike many of the other sites, I don’t have a ton of social media icons strewn about. My line of thought is that if users want to share stuff with their network, they will already have the tools to do so.


4 responses to “Adding Twitter Anywhere Into Your WordPress Site”

  1. @Otto – Wow, reading your anywhere comment about anywhere makes it hard for me to follow anywhere. But I think I got the jist

  2. Thanks Jeffro for the mention :)

    Otto – didn’t know that your plugin had @anywhere support. Will keep it in mind and get someone to edit that post very soon :)


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