1. Neo


    There is no reason for any website owner to stay on a old theme when customisations are in place. There are two pretty good programs to find all their customisations by doing a compare old theme original against old theme modified and redo them to the new theme release by a compare old theme modified against new theme original.

    They are called winmerge and beyond compare. I use them on a daily base to compare code of themes and plugins and redo changes.

    Best regards, Neo


  2. Keely Worth

    Great idea!


  3. Zulfikar Nore

    Great idea but this would not pass the WordPress TRT requirements so on that note, no I would not use it in my themes.

    I can only see this working for non WPORG themes!


  4. Andre

    I had to try this out, so I added the code to one of my themes and tried it out…long story short, this is a very cool option to add to themes. I know there are a lot of people who are new to WordPress, especially theme modifications, let alone creating a child theme (which can be challenging). Normally with my premium themes I include a premade child theme, but for the free versions, we cannot add child themes to the install package.

    On my first try, I clicked on activate child theme and sure enough it literally created a child theme and activated it at the same time. One thing I did was modify the screenshot path for copying a custom child theme screenshot located in the parent theme’s image folder….it worked!

    There is one item of thought that would be an awesome addon would be to import the parent theme Customizer options should a user already have settings already set like colours, blog style, etc.

    Overall, this is a very nice function to offer newbies by simply clicking on a link to create and activate a child theme.


  5. TeslaThemes

    Nice one Matt!

    @Sarah, yeah, we will consider using this method.


  6. DarkSkipper

    So, in order to avoid polluting the parent theme, we put a new file in there and modify `functions.php` there too.

    Or have I missed something?


  7. Jeffrey

    You got a nice header image for this post Sarah.


  8. Tai

    Reached out to Matt Gibbs a long, long time ago because I love everything he does. Totally gonna hit him up again! FWP PWNZ.


  9. Gunnar

    Whats wrong with this plugin:
    “Orbisius Child Theme Creator”?


    • Tai

      @Gunnar That plugin also looks cool! It’s good to see more developers addressing this problem. My custom theme has a child theme generator built in. When the theme is activated, it checks if parent or child. Throws a dismissable for user to deactivate parent, activate child. Then, run the child generator if child ! exists. Simple solution. I like Matt’s 178-line class tho.


  10. Hemang Rindani

    Child theme is an attractive concept and apart from WordPress, other enterprise web content management services like Sitefinity CMS, Drupal etc also follows this concept with the name of sub-theme, however no one is as good as WordPress. Child theme is a theme inherited from a build theme with additional features added by a company to suit their business requirements. WordPress allows to reuse this child theme with different websites and also can be shared to the community. The concept saves time and cost of buying multiple themes for different websites.
    Thanks for sharing useful information to help developers to define a child theme effortlessly.


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