1. Jeffro

    That’s a neat addition to the already simple to use Contact form. It’s gotta be easier than setting up an auto-responder in something like Thunderbird. Bonus points for using the TinyMCE editor to craft the message. Did you notice if auto-replies are sent in plain text only?


    • Hugh

      I built it to send HTML emails, but if there’s a demand I could build a plain text fallback easily enough. Not sure how needed that is thought to be honest – to me, plain text email feels like one of those things that we still cater for as devs, but we don’t really need to do it as much as we think we do these days.


  2. David T. LeBlanc

    Hey, it works! Thanks for the tip.


  3. Thủ thuật máy tính

    Thanks you. I’m using jetpack


  4. Aurora

    This sounds like a great plugin, but I have a question: Can I automatically include the text they entered into the auto-reply? In this way they can receive a copy of their entry. That is what I need, is it possible to do with this plugin? Thank you!


  5. KMunge

    Can this be coded so the auto-reply will only send if it meets such criteria?

    IOW, selecting one choice in a drop down box of my form sends an auto reply while another doesn’t.

    If it can’t, could you point me towards something that can.


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