A Theme Called 2010

I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty of sites with the following video embedded in their post as some exciting news was announced. In 2010, there will be a new default theme that will be shipped with WordPress called 2010. This is the only detail that is known about the new theme so far which leaves plenty of room for speculation, guessing, and just plain fun on trying to figure out more about this theme.

I have a couple of serious guesses to what the theme could be. I’m going to say that the default theme will work on the principles of the parent/child relationship. The default theme will be a theme framework that people will be able to build off of. As for release, the most obvious version is 3.0 but I can see it coming in 3.1 or at the end of the year. After all, the team has 365 days to play with and generally 3 major releases. Add your thoughts and guesses to the comments so they can be documented and when the new default theme is shipped or we find out what it will consist of, I’ll write another post to give kudos to whomever got it right.

Aside from that, it’s cool to see all of the core team members in the same room and put a face and voice to the name. In the time span of five years, this is the first time all 5 core committers were physically together in the same place.

I highly encourage you to watch the video, especially the Ryan Boren clip at the end which is pretty funny!

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