1. Serdar Tutal

    Can we make nofollow all links on the site? If we must edit every posts one by one it will be difficult.


  2. Marko Saric

    This is a great little improvement that will save me a lot of time too! Currently I always need to go into HTML editing to add the nofollow links.


  3. Dan Neumann

    Yoast offers a setting to make all links in a post nofollow, but that is not always ideal. This would be a great option to be able to nofollow individual links.


  4. Pradeep Singh

    Thanks for this feature, it will save my time, and also there is no need to use any plugin for this.


  5. Karen Lanzetta

    Yes, please! I have been waiting and hoping for this.
    It really surprised me that there was no easy way to do this built into Gutenberg.


  6. David Decker

    Yes, this will be a welcomed addition. I am wondering why this wasn’t an option from start?


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