1. David McCan

    Thanks for telling us about this option and thanks Jeffrey.


  2. Jeffrey Carandang

    Thanks for the write up Sarah!

    Aside from the nofollow and sponsored “rel” attributes. The latest EditorsKit version also introduces:

    ✅Drag and Drop Featured Image Upload
    ✅Gutenberg Code Editor Syntax Highlighter
    ✅Set Image Block as Featured Image
    ✅Set Image Link on Media and Text Block
    ✅Custom Fields Navigation
    ✅Heading Block Label
    ✅Other UI and performance improvements

    You can learn more about these features here : https://jeffreycarandang.com/editorskit-syntax-highlighting-drag-drop-featured-image-media-link-and-more/

    Most of these features were suggested on EditorsKit’s Twitter and Facebook Community. If anyone have any suggestions or issues on Gutenberg editor, please do not hesitate to let me know about them.


  3. Lenin Zapata

    Good thing that the error was reported, I thought it was the conflict of another plugin and I spent a lot of time discovering the problem.


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