A New Resource Devoted To WordPress and Photographers

WP Photographers, is a new resource created by Aaron Hockley, to help photographers and WordPress users share their photos and build photography businesses. Whether you’re a beginner or a photographer looking for the best webhosting service, WP Photographers has you covered. In addition to guides, Hockley routinely publishes reviews of WordPress themes and plugins related to photography.

WP Photographers Front Page
WP Photographers Front Page

He started the site because there were few resources on the web that discuss the intersection between WordPress and photography. “Being deep in both worlds I get lots of questions from photographers figuring out WordPress and WordPress folks trying to better use images,” Hockley told the Tavern. He hopes WP Photographers becomes a valuable resource to photographers and plans on starting a podcast to supplement the content on the site.

As Hockley continues to add relevant content,  it could become the go-to place for budding photographers using WordPress. There are several articles on the subject but it’s convenient to see a website devoted to the topic.

To learn more about Hockley and the inspiration behind WP Photographers, check out this interview on PhotoFocus.com.



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