1. Miroslav Glavic

    I disagree with the undervaluing of logo. I think many logo creators OVER value themselves. When you ask them why you have to spend $3,000? they get upset. I had very great logos in the $300-$500 range.

    The standard of living is different in each country. You can easily get $3,000 for a logo in USA/Canada, If you go somewhere like India, Philippines you can get a logo for $300.

    The ones devaluing logos are the ones charging $3,000 and calling the great designers in India, Philippines and so forth to be lower quality.


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    And here I was thinking it was about logos from philosophy. Slightly disappointed. Also I think most people forget about logos unless they are often exposed to them.


  3. Jason Lemieux

    Marcus, you continue to rock the plugins of the week. Awesome.


  4. X-Raym

    Hi Marcus, Wavesurfer-WP author here,
    Thank you so much for the spotlight on my Plugin :)
    You may be interested to hear that the next version will take care of the Playlist shortcode as well !
    Thanks again, your support is very appreciated.
    Cheers !!


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