1. Mario Peshev

    The boilerplate is great and I’m happy that people are now using proven skeletons without having to reinvent the wheel.

    Tom might correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that DX Plugin Base started a bit before that and we’ve been using that in my courses and classes teaching new WordPress developers; several plugins in WordPress.org have also started with that base (and it’s also open to any contributions).


  2. Brad

    Hey Sarah – thanks for posting about the boilerplate generator – I hope others find it useful. I am working with Tom McFarlin and Alex Mansfield on something at the moment that will make this whole process even easier…


  3. Mickey Kay

    Awesome, this rocks! Looking for just this thing. Thanks!


  4. Ben Huson

    @Brad – I hope it’s something like the online generator for the underscores theme, that would be nice!


  5. Brad

    @Ben Huson – yes, it will be very similar


  6. Wednesday December 11, 2013 | WPMagic

    […] 2. A Generator For The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate […]


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