A 3D WordPress Theme

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before, a WordPress theme that has a 3-Dimensional post view. Nathan Barry over at LegendThemes has a screencast available showing off the theme in action with rotating post views and the different ways of viewing a post. Unfortunately, this theme is heavily dependent on the type of browser you’re using due to the use of CSS3. According to Nathan, only the most recent versions of Safari fully supports it.

Note: the 3D and animation only work in recent versions of Safari. Though the site does degrade gracefully in other, less capable browsers. Update: Only Safari in Snow Leopard can fully run this demo. Unfortunately preserve-3d doesn’t appear to be supported in Safari Windows or in Chrome on any platform.

Since I don’t use Safari on my desktop, I was not able to check out the 3-D goodness. Would be cool for FireFox to support the various 3D Transforms in CSS3. In fact, it would be awesome if all of the major browsers supported it so we could see themes innovate the ways in which content could be viewed and interacted with.

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