9 Year Old Shares his Journey Learning React

If learning React is among your New Year’s goals, here’s some inspiration from nine-year-old Revel Carlberg West. The video below is a recording of his presentation at the React NYC meetup. West describes how he learned basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then moved on to learn React using the CodeSandbox online code editor. He also gives a live demo of React Hooks in action, a new feature that Sophie Alpert and Dan Abramov introduced at React Conf 2018. The code for West’s traffic light demo is available on CodeSandbox if you want to follow along.


5 responses to “9 Year Old Shares his Journey Learning React”

  1. Totally inspiring. As the WP community learns more and more Javascript we’ll be able to create the most amazing user experiences.

  2. My goodness. Her temperament , adult-like control of words and emotional sense of being is insane Most people don’t even speak with that kind of conviction until they hit 30.

  3. Totally inspiring. For a 9 year old, to do coding is one thing. Presenting and demo is another great thing! Bravo… Revel Carlberg West. Wish you the best on your programming journey.


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