1. Hardeep Asrani

    WordPress Community is all I need to say because everything falls under it :)

    Also the guy who wrote the post about Ghost being a threat to WordPress for giving me a laugh :p


  2. shinichiN

    Agree with all you listed and I’d add translators, so that everyone can use it in their own languages.


    • michach

      Yes but I want the dashboard in english, so what the user see must be separated by what the admin see……….


  3. Suzanne

    I had a dream about building a certain website but I knew my skills weren’t good enough to do it without a leg up. With WordPress, I was able to build that site and, in doing so, gained some amazing skills. Working in WordPress changed my life.



    I am thankful for the free themes and the user friendliness. Best platform for sure.


  5. Musgrove

    I’m thankful for the GPL license and the brains and dedication of the core contributors.


  6. Brin Wilson

    I’m thankful for WPTavern, Poststatus, CSS-Tricks, SmashingMagazine and all the other blogs I continually learn interesting/cool stuff from! ;)


  7. roscabgdn

    I`m thankful for WordPress and all other WordPress related blogs. With their help now WordPress is part of my job.


  8. Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Well stated! I’m thankful for my awesome boss at Photocrati for reaching out to me a few years ago asking if I wanted the job I have today. Life changing and have been so happy with my job ever since.


  9. Sai Stone

    I’m thankful for the community as a whole. Cheers!


  10. Pete Metz

    WordPress has enabled me to be a one-man-show for my business! There’s no way a single person can build a site and keep up with the ever-changing factors with regards to design/SEO.


  11. Keith Davis

    All of the above Jeff and thanks for putting the list together and allowing us to add our thanks and show our gratitude.


  12. Erick Danzer

    @Jeff – I really love the spirit of your post.

    @Scott Wyden Kivowitz (from the comments) – and I’m super thankful to have you on the team! :)

    And I’m especially thankful for all the WordPress volunteers that keep things working so well – forum moderators, code contributors, theme reviewers, plugin moderators, WordCamp organizers. And thankful to the early powers that be for building the platform on which we’ve been able to run a business that we love for years.


  13. Kyle

    I’m thankful for WP Tavern and WordPress Weekly!


  14. Derek Springer

    I’m thankful for all the super-cool community folks who never think twice about sharing their knowledge and giving back to the WP community. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for y’all!


  15. eherman24

    I’m thankful for my job, because I get to wake up and work with WordPress every day.


  16. Suzette Franck

    This is a great article! It inspired me to do a similar post on what I am grateful for in WordPress: http://webdevstudios.com/2014/11/26/five-reasons-why-im-thankful-for-wordpress/ Kudos to you guys at @WPTavern!


  17. Christopher Bunting

    I guess I’d have to say that WordPress, Since 2003 has taught me, or lead me to learn..

    1. Direct Custom Programming within WordPress to remove the Performance Bottlenecks.
    2. Advanced NGINX Developement, I have my own custom nginx server which directly supports WordPress in many ways.
    3. Advanced Ubuntu Development, I now custom build and Configure Ubuntu for Speed, using only the advanced software needed to run Ultra-Fast WordPress Websites..
    4. http://boi-infinity.com My wife and I run a high traffic WordPress + Woocommerce Website for our Private Server. I’m also an MMORPG Programmer but the site has taught me a lot about website security and other issues that most other WordPress websites would never face.. We get 1000+ hack and security vulnerability attempts each day!

    Thats what I’m thankful for..


  18. Matt Banner

    Only 6 things? We could be here all day running through an exhaustive list of amazing features WordPress offers us. Not sure where any of us non-developers would be without the intuitive and flexible interface that WordPress has to offer. Thanks for sharing Jeff!


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