1. Andreas

    Ok, to sum this up: A wordpress team is a real wordpress team if they use git as a collaboration tool :)


    • Peter Suhm

      Feel free to replace Git with whatever version control system you prefer (I don’t see why you would though ;-)). Without version control, collaborating on code is very difficult – hence, it’s difficult to work as a team. It’s at the bottom of the pyramid!


  2. Gabriel

    that’s what i got out of it


  3. Nestor Santana

    Thanks for the step by step, Sarah. Having positive support from other development teams around the topic of version control and collaborative work, i.e. using GitHub, just makes it more mainstream and that is very welcome in this case. This is obvious but even if you’re just one developer working on an instance of WordPress, GitHub keeps you honest and is helpful when you need to come back to work on something you haven’t seen for months.


  4. Timothy

    Good article, and Aye, it does not matter what Collaboration tools or VCS you use, or what deployment services you use. The key here is that you have process. The message: ‘Have a dedicated process for versioning, code review and deployment’ . Don’t leave home without it.

    We simply use SVN and Beanstalk, and have a robust system that manages hundreds of checkins and deployments weekly. All code flows through a dedicated dev -> test -> production branch system, with QA Gates along the way. Think SDLC concepts for all projects, and you cannot go wrong!

    Thanks much!


  5. Joseph

    Even as a single person team it’s good to have a well defined process in place. Just in case you need to review your project 6 months later and have no idea what you were thinking in 2015

    Working as a team makes for some great comedy. https://youtu.be/pGFGD5pj03M


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