1. David

    Happy new year! thank you for your hard work.

    it would be awesome if there’s a search form in mobile view 😁


  2. Shubham

    The podcast idea is cool, Justin.


  3. Benjamin

    I just want to say thanks to the WordPress Tavern Team! Thanks to you we are always up-to-date on whats going on in the WordPress Universe. Thanks again; and happy new Year!


  4. Slavi

    Would love to see the building process of the new design. Something like small portions of the design and how it is built using the block editor.


  5. kevin kovadia

    it is good here that Wptavern will soon be seen with a new theme experience. Many times I visualize that if WPTavern will use the WordPress default theme then how it looks. If it happens then I guess WPTavern will become the high traffic WP site that uses the WP default theme and every year we can see WPTavern in new layout. Let’s see, what happens :)


  6. Nathan Wrigley

    Really looking forward to the new, block based, theme and the forum (I can see this being a integral part of my day). I love the mimimal distraction theme currently, so keen to see where this goes.


  7. Guido

    A new Podcast.. with Jeff Chandler? Is he still member of the WP-crew?


  8. Ricardo

    WP Tavern is a WP reference!

    Love the new ideas.
    Just hope the Forum doesn’t get “messy” and loses track of the good content it always provides – just differentiating a “News” from a “Forum” kind – I prefer the News but a mix seems perfect.
    The podcast seems a new challenge but now I don’t hear that much, when working at home took away that travel of possibility.

    It would be great to go through your creative minds in a kind of tutorial blocks of info.
    Mainly the construction and interaction between block parts, complex queries, use of the API, performance..
    WP Tavern is the place to know & show off what’s the real power of WP today and tomorrow.

    Wish you all a great & back to normal year!


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