1. Masonjames

    Great article. Interesting that you once attempted to start a hosting company yourself. Glad I’m not the only one with a record of some failed attempts! I also use hostgator for all my own projects and client sites. Their support is incredible every time! I used another hosting company once and when I asked them about setting up sftp, the ‘”tech support” guy asked if I was referring to an email protocol… Didn’t use them again.

    Thanks again for the article!


  2. Dre Armeda

    Another consideration is migration services. This could be very useful for folks that don’t regularly work server side.

    Great post Jeff!


  3. Rarst

    Human recommendations are often very biased because of affiliate programs. Hosts that throw enough money around can have tons of glowing “fans”, while providing terrible service. I learned to look for specific experiences – had issue X, was fixed in Y hours/days and support was Z nice. These are facts and not fluff for money.

    Redundancy doesn’t seem like feature common to shared hosting at all. If server is down – it is down.


  4. Dick Carlson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this.

    Now I can just send a link to all the WP n00b$ that ask me.


  5. Ipstenu

    @Rarst – There’s a lot wrong with shared hosting in MANY but not ALL hosts. Lack of redundancy is one, but also there’s a lack of phone support. The good hosts are going to cost you more up-front, but if you ask me, I’d rather pay $20 a month and know they can help me, than $10 a month and be screwed when I try to upgrade, say, WordPress because their servers are out of date.


  6. matt mcinvale

    BBB is a scam. If you pay for their “service”, they remove negative reviews.



  7. Jeffro

    @matt mcinvale – Well, that’s a damn shame but this is the first I’ve heard of the BBB being a scam. Do you know of any other concrete investigations into the BBB?


  8. Rarst

    @Ipstenu – Ehm… I have nothing against shared hosting… I was only commenting on two of parameters, suggested in post.


  9. Ipstenu

    @Rarst – I was agreeing and adding to :)

    @matt mcinvale – The BBB is a scam? I’ve seen the criticisms (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Better_Business_Bureau#Criticisms for a quick list) but. But. People say paypal is a scam, and I’ve never had a problem. People never have issues with GoDaddy and I want to kill it. You can’t take ONE report and be done. The BBB is something that should be ONE piece of the puzzle. No one said JUST use the BBB, we (I, I think brought it up on the forums) use it in combination with everything else. Take everything with a grain of salt.


  10. matt mcinvale

    …only businesses which pay dues are eligible for an A+ rating…

    That is a bit biased, they will also remove negative reviews for companies that are paying members. The BBB tries to look like an official government organization, when in fact they’re a private entity.

    That is why I think they’re a scam.


  11. Ipstenu

    @matt mcinvale – I knew about the A+, as well as the fact that the BBB is NOT a government entity (mostly because it’s good in the US and Canada, and that was sort of a hint years ago). They never claim to be the gov. They’re .ORG not .GOV, for heaven’s sake :) I didn’t know anyone thought they were the gubbmint.

    Scam? No.

    Sometimes questionably business practices? Yes.

    Sole source of information about asshattery of a company? No.

    Useful tool? Yes.

    They rate more reliable than Joe Random’s blog, but less than the FTC.


  12. Scott Smith

    Great article! We recommend HostGator to all of our clients as well. To us one of the most important things is 24/7 phone support. When sites go down the most important thing is to get them back up quickly, this is something that HostGator has always been able to do for us. Being in in business for over 11 years, we’ve gone through a many hosts and they don’t always fair well over time, so we’re hopeful that this doesn’t happen to HG as well :)

    FYI if you use “wordpress94” when ordering hosting you’ll save $9.94 off your hosting plan.

    I’m not exactly sure if your information is correct about the BBB, I believe if your paying them to handle disputes for your company. I hope what you’re saying isn’t the case.


  13. Brad

    I have not used HostGator before but it is always getting a lot of recommendations from WP bloggers.


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