1. Thanks for the update on emoticons Sarah.
    I rarely use them but I do like the WordPress and Developer secret ones…

  2. mycelus

    I want smilies on my bbPress and posts /:

  3. Pretty entertaining emoticons here. Every project seems to have its Easter eggs!

  4. They’ll be with us forever. Waiting for self-hosted users. :) Existing one are still good enough option. Just make them available in jetpack! :) Good share, Sarah. Just few days ago, I started noticing that some sites have new emoticons. It’s time for WP.org owners to test them.

      1. You can find cat smiley in many Chinese software. There are tons of emoticons just in QQ Messenger. *^-^*

  5. What is the license for these emoticons? I’m interested in using them in other software as well for consistency.

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