1. Thanks for the notification Jeff
    I’ll try it out on a few local sites and then go with the live versions.

    1. We just recently updated the Tavern and nothing blew up! Check out the about page when you upgrade. It has a video and a working playlist.

      1. Good to hear all went well.
        My first local install upgrade went like a dream but I’m not doing the happy dance just yet.

    1. Hold your breath and count to 10 @Miroslav… that should be long enough.

      We usually get a security update pretty soon after major upgrades and I used to wait a few days before I upgraded in anticipation.
      These days I upgrade straight away.

      1. I get core updates notifications from WPTavern faster than WPT

        I was having a discussion with some people on a roundtable thing about how many updates is too many updates.

        We were comparing PHPBB vs WordPress.

        If 3.9.1 comes out within the next 10 days, I will question why didn’t those issues were fixed at 3.9.0 release.

        Would you (Jeff, this question is for you too), be worried if there was a 3.9.1 in a week, week later 3.9.2., 3.9.3 3 weeks after 3.9.0 came out, and so forth? (3.9.x weekly release).

        I am all for “delaying” releases to make sure it is up to the great standards WordPress comes out. Quality vs. Quantity, I will always pick Quality.

        1. Yes, that would be concerning. Those releases would have to contain security fixes or fix major bugs to be justified in my opinion. Sure, auto update is great but it doesn’t give the team a free pass to just keep pushing updates as they see fit.

  2. The upgrade was a dream on the local install and a hosted testing site. Sadly the one plugin I didn’t test fails and the live site uses it. Oops … Guess its an excuse to rearrange the Network :)

  3. Hi Jeff, we upgraded to 3.9 and now our visual editor has disappeared. Been searching all over for help – any advice? Steve

    1. I’ve been in the support forums for most of the day, you’re not alone. Quite a few people have reported TinyMCE issues, including the editor disappearing. Please create a forum thread on the WordPress.org support forums with a detailed explanation of your problem.

    2. Yes I’m facing the same problem, My editor disappeared. how to fix it please ?

  4. I upgraded to WordPress 3.9 and the only problem I have so far is the Twitter embed and the Meetup embed do not work. They worked for a few minutes and then went to just showing the URL. I had this problem back on 3.7.

  5. Now it’s almost imposible to wonder what’s coming in WordPress 4.0… I know it will be just another major update, but changing 3 to 4 always makes you think about something big… maybe some front editing related? The new API? Who knows…

  6. Anybody Find the Solution for Visual Editor Problem after Updating the WordPress to 3.9 ?
    Post your Solution if you Worked out that

  7. Michelle

    My visual editor didn’t disappear, but there are many functions that are missing, and the worst problem with it is that the preview and update buttons deactivate, and I can’t save my work! It looks like the editor is doing an auto save, and gets hung up. It’s not functional this way!

  8. Any solution to visual Editor Problem/galleries doesn’t show up after Updating the WordPress to 3.9?

  9. I’m also experiencing problems with auto save. It’s like the connection is lost, even though my connection is just fine. I can’t use the buttons for saving, previewing or publishing after it went into auto save mode. Only option would be to temporarily disable auto save via wp-config but that’s not really a nice solution. Could this be a problem with AJAX? It’s showing in all browsers on all systems (as far I tested).
    Could someone look into that? Much appreciated!

  10. karelle

    Actually this is the absolute worst upgrade I have ever experienced from WordPress, and I have now turned off auto upgrade on all the sites I manage, probably forever. I plan to revert to 3.8 on all my (50+) sites until WordPress reinstates the image editing features like easily added margins and sizing. I have NO intention of having to edit image styling by hand and I totally resent being forced to add ANOTHER plugin to wordress. Upgrades are supposed to improve functionality and this upgrade has just added hours every week to my workload.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I really didn’t pay attention until this issue began creeping into the forums and blogs but it’s such an idiotic one size fits all approach that I’m almost speechless. It almost makes me cynically wonder if the “premium” WordPress (read that as “paid for” version) will eventually show up where all those functions are available… if we all want to pay for them. While on the one hand there are security issues with updates and the need to stay current, all this fixing things that aren’t really broken really irritates the heck out of me. (And all my clients who now need tutorial help just to continue using their website.)

  11. Andy

    It’s a pity that all the taxonomy tickets slated for 3.9 got pushed to a future release, AGAIN. I have no hope for 4.0 because all the resources will surely be directed into another useless iteration of the Twenty theme. Sigh…

  12. Victor Poole

    After testing the 3.9 beta version followed by RC-1 and RC-2, last minute hassles with the TinyMCE Advanced plug-in were overcome and all went well. The loss of image-editing features like easily added margins was a big disappointment and has already cost me many hours of extra work until I get used to having to do the styling manually. Why? I thought that certain frequently needed functions were incorporated into the core so we don’t have to waste time or resort to plug-ins. This is a step in the opposite direction. I agree with Karelle, but will stick with 3.9, hoping that something will be done about this in the future.

  13. Hmm, not a fan of the fact that I can no longer move images around in post editor.
    Since I write content that always has pics then it’s a bit of a pain not to be able to just drag images to different locations.
    On-the-fly resizing isn’t nearly as important, to me at least, as being able to move things around.

  14. Some new introductions in the new version of WordPress. Just updated and I can see that you can copy from Word which is a good thing. I cannot comment on the other updates since I have not used them so far. I would like the option to see where you can no-follow a link, drag images and so on. But lets hope it gets better and better.

  15. John

    WordPress Visual editor preview not working. I know it’s within the theme because it worked fine when I changed the theme, also tested without using plugins.
    How to edit preview file, any tips on editing preview what it might be?. This theme was a wp-ecommerce theme which might have to do with the problem.

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