WordPress 3.9 to Add oEmbed Support for Meetup.com and Imgur

Last week, we wrote about the demise of Qik and how oEmbed support for the service will be removed in WordPress 3.9. However, two more services will be added. Meetup.com and Imgur will have oEmbed support in 3.9.

When you copy and paste a Meetup.com URL into the post editor, WordPress will automatically embed the content of that URL into the post. In the example images below, the first image shows what the embedded URL to my meetup’s homepage looks like.

Meetup Group Homepage Embedded In A Post
Meetup Group Homepage Embedded In A Post

The second image shows the embedded URL to a specific meetup event.

Meetup Group Event Embedded Into A Post
Meetup Group Event Embedded Into A Post

Thanks to oEmbed support, users are able to conveniently show the necessary details either for the meetup group itself or for specific events.

Sharing Images From Imgur Is As Easy As Copy and Paste

Imgur is a social site filled with images that have gone viral. During my tests, I saw no differences between the images that used the oEmbed support versus the block of embed code provided by Imgur. I found it easier to copy and paste the URL of an image into WordPress than to locate the block of embed code.

An Imgur Image oEmbedded To A Post
An Imgur Image oEmbedded To A Post

The Benefits Of Using oEmbed Supported URLs In WordPress

The first benefit is that it’s easier to copy and paste a URL into the post editor versus a block of code.

Second, the visual editor usually strips certain elements within a block of embeddable code causing it to break. This doesn’t happen when using a simple URL.

Third, certain user roles in WordPress can’t use the HTML provided by services to embed content. Instead of giving users more capabilities, it’s a lot safer for them to use the URL of an oEmbed supported service.

Last but not least, the text editor version of a post is easier to read since only the URL is needed to embed content.

If oEmbed Supported Sites Disappear, So Does The Embedded Content

Meetup.com and Imgur join a sizable list of white-listed services with oEmbed support in WordPress. Considering Imgur recently raised $40 million dollars in venture capital, I doubt the site will be disappearing any time soon. Similarly, Meetup.com is in no danger of disappearing, since it is the go-to site for organizing local meetups.

If both sites disappear, their content will go along with them. It’s important to note oEmbeds do not save content to your site, they’re only an easier means of displaying that content.

Which Method Do You Use To Embed Content Into Posts?

Out of habit, I occasionally use blocks of embed code from services even if they have oEmbed support in WordPress. However, I’ve recently begun to use oEmbed supported URLs and I have to admit, it’s so much quicker and easier to embed content this way.

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