1. Great video.

    Apparently I need to add some more words for a comment, so here they are.

  2. Found it very interesting and illuminating. Especially given the whole monetization debate that’s been going on.
    But I think the Alex Kings segment was a little short. It was just 2-3 min info on what he does =). Could have been expanded I think with more on business and GPL given that was how he was introduced.

  3. @Michael Torbert – Yeah, too bad those WordCamp shirts are not available all year long. Although I can see the point. If you have a shirt but you didn’t attend the event, isn’t that kind of weird?

    @Ryan – I agree. There is quite a bit of information that I could turn into a few blog posts in the near future which is what I am going to do.

    @Andreas Nurbo – I agree. I think he could have went on for a few more minutes but how great is it that this topic had some air time in front of a huge audience?

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