1. Peter Shackelford

    I started using trove box while it was still openphoto. There was a plugin that connected to WP: http://wordpress.org/plugins/openphoto/ that still works with trovebox. You can serve your photos directly from trovebox and it has a flexible API for requesting specific sizes on the fly. Pretty slick.

  2. @Miroslav Glavic – Yes but WordPress doesn’t have photo filters which requires another app. If you go nofilters, then sure, the WP app should be just fine. But this is the filter craze we are living in now :(

  3. Thanks for the reminder of the old tried and true method Sarah. I see a place for both:)

  4. I love *all the methods!*

    Frankly, I find posting to my blog easier through the ol’ fashioned WP iOS APP. I’ve never posted via email – maybe I should learn how to do that. Just seems that the formatting won’t come through the way I want it to. Perhaps I just need to learn.

    Personally, I love the social networking aspect of Pressgram because it’s so important to *what I do.* And I’m more than happy to ditch Instagram since they’re about to start rolling out advertisements – and that’s about when I ditch any free network.

    However, I’m glad to see this post, because – thanks to all the TOS drama – I’ve been wondering what, if any, open source applications were out there – and look – now I don’t have to do any of the research. :)

    Thanks for the informative post!

  5. @Jeffro -@Miroslav Glavic – The WordPress app requires a few more steps too. A simple photosharing app. shouldn’t take as many steps to go from taking a photo to publishing it.

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