1. This seems like an excellent way to backup WordPress content, as it would allow you to revert back and see older versions of posts if needed.

      1. WordPress has post revisions, but you can’t revert back the entire site to a specific point in time, only individual posts. It’s also not a backup system. And, there is a limit to how many revisions are stored, whereas that wouldn’t really matter with a Git repository.

  2. Dave Tasker

    I’m guessing this will work with private repositories?

    1. Probably not. ;) Although it could be fun to do some collaborative pieces that way.

  3. Random question… but would it be possible to automatically post issues from github (aka something like this: https://github.com/gamelab/kiwi.js/issues/68) to your WordPress site as a blog post? And for the comments to appear as WordPress comments? Could I do that with this? That’d be freaking sweet!

  4. Thanks Sarah. I’m looking at IssuePress at the moment. And somebody else also mentioned IFTTT… that looks pretty cool too assuming it can do what it says :)

    1. If you can’t find something that works, let me know. It could be a fun weekend project.

      Out of interest, how would you use it?

  5. 1) I would install the Plugin
    2) I would sync it with my Github account
    3) I would select which repositories I want to sync in WP admin
    4) I would select a post category to associate the repository with
    5) I would click sync
    6) Its alive!!

    Now people could see the issues we’re working on either via our blog page OR by Github. It would also sync comments and post comments.

    1. Isn’t that a little redundant though? Why would people prefer your blog over your GitHub page? (Not sure I understand the point)

  6. Because some people don’t goto github to consume content and the visitors of our site are missing out on that.

  7. Maybe it’s enough for the plugin to just automatically create a blog post with a link to the corresponding issue on github?

    The problem is that we’ve got two different types of users (dev vs non dev) and yet while they have different surfing habits and consume different content its still relevant and I want the people on our blog to know stuff is happening over on github even though it might not appear so on the website.

    Why do people want WP Plugins that automatically post to Facebook and Google + or Instagram? Because its the way the world. Now that you understanding that what do you think?

    1. I think it is a very good idea. It can be very confusing for users to be sent off to a different service when it would make more sense to stay on your own site. It also allows you to keep your own branding. Sending people off to an external site just for a bug tracker could look very amateurish to some.

  8. I know this is an old post/thread, but I just wanted to let anyone who’s still following this know that I’ve been working with Ben Balter to get this plugin ready for production use and we’re getting really close to releasing it to the .org repository. If anyone is interested in playing around with it or beta testing, we’d love your feedback!


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