1. Wow. How cool, elegant, and practical is this tip? …It’s so easy, even Steve can do it. Thank you for sharing.

    (And, yes, the community and folks at ThemeHybrid are awesome! A mere $29 paid annually to access support while helping Justin Tadlock’s effort of free themes, plugins, and overall WP contributions at ThemeHybrid.com is a bargain!)


  2. I’ve got a feeling that once you’ve created the menu you can remove the # and the menu will still work but not show the top level “categories” menu item as being clickable when you hover over it.

    Just makes it look a little neater.


    • I just removed the pound sign and left the URL blank. Seems like it’s still acting as a link though.


      • It should still show the dropdowns but not display as a link (i.e. show the finger icon) when you hover over “categories”

        “categories” is not a link it is just there to display the dropdown, so it shouldn’t indicate that it is a link – can be confusing.

        Does the finger icon disappear when you remove the pound sign Jeff?


          • Hover over the “Themes” menu item on this site Jeff – it doesn’t show the hand icon but it shows the dropdowns.

            Not sure why you still show the hand icon – clear cache?

          • dlouwe

            Seems that there’s a style in your theme explicitly setting all “a” tags to have “cursor: pointer”, which will override the browser’s behavior when there’s no href.

          • Well spotted @dlouwe

            Just had a peek with Chrome dev tools and there it is:

            a {
            cursor: pointer;

            Hand goes away when that is removed.

          • Did you notice if the hand goes away for all other links when you removed that code?

          • No it’s fine with the other links.
            Give it a try using firebug or dev tools.

  3. You can target that menu item with this CSS in child theme style.css if you want.

    #menu-primary li.menu-item-15916 > a {
    cursor: default;

    But I don’t mind the hand.


      • Looks good Jeff

        The main point here is that we take the awesome WordPress menus for granted.

        In the old days of HTML / CSS sites you had to start with an unordered list, remove the symbol, float left….

        Point is that it took ages and now with WordPress we just drag them around – love the WordPress menus.


  4. On my Hybrid News theme, the menu works but the drop down menu pushes the page down. Any ideas?


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