1. Wow. How cool, elegant, and practical is this tip? …It’s so easy, even Steve can do it. Thank you for sharing.

    (And, yes, the community and folks at ThemeHybrid are awesome! A mere $29 paid annually to access support while helping Justin Tadlock’s effort of free themes, plugins, and overall WP contributions at ThemeHybrid.com is a bargain!)

  2. I’ve got a feeling that once you’ve created the menu you can remove the # and the menu will still work but not show the top level “categories” menu item as being clickable when you hover over it.

    Just makes it look a little neater.

    1. I just removed the pound sign and left the URL blank. Seems like it’s still acting as a link though.

      1. It should still show the dropdowns but not display as a link (i.e. show the finger icon) when you hover over “categories”

        “categories” is not a link it is just there to display the dropdown, so it shouldn’t indicate that it is a link – can be confusing.

        Does the finger icon disappear when you remove the pound sign Jeff?

          1. dlouwe

            Seems that there’s a style in your theme explicitly setting all “a” tags to have “cursor: pointer”, which will override the browser’s behavior when there’s no href.

          2. Well spotted @dlouwe

            Just had a peek with Chrome dev tools and there it is:

            a {
            cursor: pointer;

            Hand goes away when that is removed.

          3. Did you notice if the hand goes away for all other links when you removed that code?

          4. No it’s fine with the other links.
            Give it a try using firebug or dev tools.

  3. You can target that menu item with this CSS in child theme style.css if you want.

    #menu-primary li.menu-item-15916 > a {
    cursor: default;

    But I don’t mind the hand.

      1. Looks good Jeff

        The main point here is that we take the awesome WordPress menus for granted.

        In the old days of HTML / CSS sites you had to start with an unordered list, remove the symbol, float left….

        Point is that it took ages and now with WordPress we just drag them around – love the WordPress menus.

  4. On my Hybrid News theme, the menu works but the drop down menu pushes the page down. Any ideas?

  5. Actually I’m kind of lost. Are you using referring to Pages as the menu you are wanting the link to be displayed in here? Or can I pick a page from the pages listed in the menu to create the dropdown menu from as I only have one menu list of pages? I need to create dropdown menus for the different categories.

    Hector Garcia

    1. Nothing to do with pages. The main menu item is a link with no URL, The sub menu items are taken form the Categories box. If you don’t see it, enable it in Screen Options at the top of the page.

  6. Thank you so much! This was easy to follow and worked perfectly!

  7. crossing my gingers

    Hi! Thanks for taking your time to make a tutorial. As of now, I have added all my intended categories as a widget to appear, once they have content, as a footer. I’d prefer to have it all in the menu instead. I think I did everything you said and added a “Categories” with a sub item (just one for now as I haven’t written more than one post yet and apparently the categories don’t show up until you do). Problem is I can’t see the “Categories” in the menu when I go to the front blog page. As far as I can see, your screen shot liks similar to what I get. I have no idea where to go from now. I hope you can help me.


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