1. grappler

    I think there was a bug in version 3.0 with images. It should be fixed in 3.1

  2. Hi Jeff, thank you very much for your detailed review. I am the author of the plugin and I talked about the mentioned criticisms with the designer of the images and colors in the plugin.

    Your point of view saying every settings page should be consistent is right. So in the next version of the plugin the background image will disappear and the colors will be adapted to the current color scheme.

    The links labeled “Choose Image” jump to the button with the same label. I see that this lead to usability problems. As I am thinking now that a link in a label text is overload I would change the links into a simple text notice to choose an image with the button below.

    The screenshots will be revised as they are also outdated.

    grappler mentioned a bug in v 3.0 with images. The bug is fixed in the version 3.0.1.

    I have some new ideas for the plugin and will bullt them into it in the next future. I hope using this plugin will more comfortable.

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