1. Given that their market (for autocad) has diminished considerably because of the recession, I think they’re smart to become a more diverse company. But the platforms are so disparate in nature as to make one scratch one’s head in wonder at how prudent the investment is. It seems more companies fail in the world of web products than succeed – take Google for instance, with their long list of failed products. Does Autodesk, who arguably succeeded more because of early adoption than value, believe they can buy their way to success in this market? Or will they be granted some holy dispensation from Matt to ensure at least they’re not a dismal failure? We’ll see..

  2. Hoping that Autocad will do more and expand the theme store to plugins and other scripts as well. Looking forward to the new creative market :)

  3. I just wonder how does that move fit in the business model of Autodesk. The move would make sense it they would have decided to expand to new markets but the two areas are so distant… I guess that time will tell

  4. My brother uses Autodesk software to create 3D models (everything from model buildings to key rings). These days he can just print these to a 3D printer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a marketplace where you could buy 3D models to print out on your own 3D printer?


    1. There are thousands of free models for printing on Makerbot’s Thingiverse.

      I’ve always thought it would be great if a marketplace allowed designers to make a living off their designs though, so hopefully we’ll see CreativeMarket add that as a category. I’d wager that’s the reason for the acquisition – it makes a lot of sense.

  5. Ted Clayton

    AutoCAD is an old dog. It’s a tough game to get old in.

    Therefore, I’d be wary of seeing their move as erratic or a mere novelty. It probably has meaningful & informed thought behind it, going on company history.

    As for CreativeMarket … that Matt Mullenweg, and now AutoCAD saw something in them, is what I’d go on.

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