Cory Miller and Pippin Williamson Discuss the Importance of Mental Health on Office Hours Podcast

photo credit: rubryan
photo credit: rubryan

In the latest episode of Office Hours, a WordPress business podcast, host Carrie Dils interviewed Cory Miller and Pippin Williamson to discuss the importance of personal wellness. The episode is titled “Taking Care of Your Business Means Taking Care of Yourself” and the video is now available on

Both Miller and Williamson are successful WordPress entrepreneurs who have recently shared their experiences on maintaining mental health. In this interview Dils chats with the guests about stress and depression and how they can impact your business. They each share tips for how to recharge or “Go find your soul food,” as Williamson put it. The episode covers a broad range of topics that aren’t often discussed in the world of business:

  • Extracting yourself from toxic relationships
  • Fear of failure/ fear of not working
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Taking breaks
  • Establishing a support team
  • Transparency with peers
  • Combatting negative thoughts
  • Finding a mentor

If you are experiencing the unique pressures of entrepreneurship or struggling with maintaining your mental health, check out the latest episode of Office Hours for some practical tips.

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