1. Bren Murphy

    Hi Jeff,
    I started using WordPress as an alcoholic, teetering on the verge of complete mental breakdown. I would type into my blog the most shameful and embarrassing episodes of my late stage drinking, thinking no one would ever read it. As a kind of therapy for myself.
    Boy, was I wrong. Over time I grew an audience of lifelong friends and confidantes who have helped shape my new life as a half marathon running yoga nerd.
    Wordpress certainly played a part in that – being accessible, user friendly and just a breeze for me and countless others in the sober recovery community.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Hey Bren, thanks for sharing your story. While WordPress enabled you to publish those words, its you who had the courage to do so. Congratulations on staying sober and for becoming a marathon running yoga nerd. Sounds like you’re on the upswing of life! Keep on this path and continue being inspiration for others!


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