WPWeekly Episode 98 – WordPress 3.0 And WordCamp San Francisco

wordpressweekly1In this golden gate edition of WordPress Weekly, I was joined by Kim Parsell as well as Leland of ThemeLab.com to talk about the stories of the week. This episode was recorded at the same time WordCamp San Francisco was going on and I want to send out a special thanks to James Hicks of TheTechScoop.net for calling into the show from WordCamp San Francisco. James gave a detailed account as to what he was experiencing. His timing couldn’t have been better as James was on the line, Matt Mullenweg walked by and James was able to get Matt to hop on the phone to say hi. Hopefully, next weeks episode will feature a couple of guests who attended WordCamp San Francisco to provide us with a recap as to what took place their.

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Stories Discussed:

Would You Take WordPress Advice From A Non WordPress Using Site?
Who Has Contributed To 3.0 So Far?
WPDev Chat For 4-29-10
Custom Post Types Tutorial
bbPress – 1 Ticket left for the 1.0.3 milestone.


Kurtis sent in the following question: What if you have so much content between Posts and Pages that you start to notice the site slowing down. Is there any way to resolve that or will I have to leave WordPress and find another alternative? Hosted through GoDaddy.

I responded that he should start using a caching plugin such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. I also suggested hooking up W3 Total Cache to a CDN. Kim weighed in and mentioned that he should start with his plugins. Review all of them, remove the ones he doesn’t need.

If anyone else has suggestions for Kurtis, place them in the comments.

*To Kurtis* I have tried to respond to your email but I receive an email server error.

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7 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 98 – WordPress 3.0 And WordCamp San Francisco”

  1. Thanks for the remote coverage of WordCamp SF, it was fun to have James and Matt call in to the show even though they were surely quite busy at WordCamp!

    Hopefully next year you’ll be able to cover it live on the ground. You should setup a classic fundraiser thermometer, Send Jeff to San Francisco. Be sure to take your fiancee too, you guys can hit up all the great neighborhoods like Chinatown and The Mission and it will be like six vacations in one. ;)

    Kim had a lot of great insights into customizing the dashboard. I leave all those feeds on my own site, but I clean most of those out on client websites and replace them with content that is relevant to their needs, like a support widget with contact information to get in touch with us.

  2. What I don’t really get is the menu feature for WP 3.0. It seems like there almost nothing left of the original WooTheme code/UI and not working great in the first beta phase. Also I was wondering if you heard of the WP menubar Plugin. http://www.blogsweek.com/category/wordpress-menubar/

    I used this before on several site and does all you need for navigation. Maybe you could try to get the developer of this Plugin on the show and have him talk about his thoughts for his Plugin and the upcoming menu feature in WordPress. From what I know he’s pretty responsive in the WordPress forums and pretty sure this would make for an interesting episode.

  3. @JLeuze – YES! Awesome idea. :) Jeff, you really need to look into getting sponsors for sending you on trips to cover WordCamps.

    I mean, if a mommyblogger can get a consumer product company to send her to BlogHer, surely you can get someone to send you to a WordCamp. Wear their tshirt, do a lot fo recordings & interviews & mention them – and we’re all happy.

  4. @Andrea_r – Definitely, if a regular old attendee can get a sponsor, our community journalist should have no problems securing sponsors.

    And if no one one sponsor can or will bankroll his whole trip, Jeff can sport all their logos at the event like a NASCAR driver ;)

  5. I’ve toyed around with the idea of creating a WordCamp Sponsor section on the advertising page but I thought that would make me become a shill for that particular company for the entire working, as if I were working for them. However, now that I’ve given it more thought. It’s more like I’m working for WPTavern.com and they are reaping the benefits of all the potential exposure. Plus, WordCamps are exactly the type of place any WordPress commercial venture should be catering to.

    I might have to rethink this and go through with it. I’d be happy if my airfare and hotel gets covered. I can handle the rest.


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