WPWeekly Episode 9 – Automattic Acquires BuddyPress

wordpressweekly1Join us for Episode 9 where we’ll discuss the Buddy Press acquisition, Gravatars with and without a plugin, Ebay decided to use WordPress?. We’ll mention the WordPress icon pack and the WordPress.com February wrap up.

Panel Members:

Brad of Strangework.com

Ronald Huereca of ReadersAppreciationProject.com

Jacob Santos of Santosj.name

Patricia Mayo of ComHacker.org

Stories Discussed:

WordPress is welcomed to the social thanks to BuddyPress – BuddyPress backed by Automattic

The Avatar function is confirmed to be part of WordPress 2.5 – Gravatars Without A Plugin

MetBlogs moves from Movabe Type to WordPress MU – MetBlogs

Easy Gravatars 1.2 Released – Gravatars With A Plugin

Ebay Now Using WordPress – Ebay has decided to jump on board the WordPress bandwagon by launching a blog dedicated to their desktop software

An interesting post published by Freakonomics that delves into the topic of Who Comments on blogs and why. WeblogToolsCollection.com also picked up on this story and there is a conversation taking place within their comment section as well.

Lorelle highlights more goodies for us to expect when WP 2.5 is released next Monday.

AOD Design released a stylish WordPress icon pack that you can use to pimp your love for WordPress.

Turn WordPress into a Membership Directory – Chris Cagle wrote a guest blog post on WP Designer which explains how to build a membership directory within WordPress using the default WordPress 2.3 install with two plugins.

The WordPress.com wrap up for February has been published and it looks like WordPress.com is moving forward with a full head of steam.

WordPress Tips Of The Week:

Jeffro2pt0 – Jeremy Clarke mentioned to me about a way to search the Codex, WordPress support area and the plugin repository all from within FireFox. Simply click on the links of the search engines you want to add into the search bar within FireFox and install. Searching these various resources from within FireFox has already saved me a ton of time. To find out how to do this, check out the article I wrote explaining how to install these search engines into FireFox.

Brad – Give your blog readers the option to easily print out your blog posts, pages, along with or without the comments attached to them with the WP Print plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-print/

Ronald – Separate Trackbacks from Comments by using this nifty article as a guide.

Patriciahttp://authorityblackbook.com/ – free ebook with a blatant WordPress slant on how to develop an authority blogging presence.

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

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