WPWeekly Episode 61 – Could WordPress.com Ever Rebrand?

wordpressweekly1In this weeks edition of WordPress Weekly, David Peralty is back in full form as we discussed a wide variety of topics ranging from the idea of WordPress.com rebranding, WordPress needing more testers and the first virtual WordCamp. We also give you the skinny on WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2.

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Stories Discussed:

WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2 Released And Do We Need It?
Is WordPress.com Bad for WordPress?
Changelogs Now A Top Level Link
The First Virtual WordCamp
WordCamp Dallas To Be Streamed Live

WordPress Tavern Listener Poll:

Last weeks poll question was: How Should I Review A Theme?

Out of a total of 23 votes, 12 of you said to use a fresh install of WordPress while 11 of you said to use a pre existing install filled with my own content.

This Weeks Poll Question Is: Do You Know The Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org?

Plugin Picks Of The Week:

JeffBeta Tester – This plugin will allow you to either stay on one of two development tracks. Either the point release nightlies or the bleeding edge nightlies. The point release nightlites should also be fairly stable but will be available before the branch is ready for beta while the bleeding edge nightlies is the bleeding edge development code which may be unstable at times

David – David’s pick this week is a WordPress theme called Journic.

Last Weeks WordPress Trivia Question:

Where and when was the first wordcamp?

WordPress Trivia Answer:

The first WordCamp conference was held in July of 2006 in San Francisco. Matt Mullenweg pulled this event together in only three weeks time and ended up with about 300 people in the Swedish American Hall.

As an aside: The first international WordCamp event was held in Beijing China on September 1st, 2007. However, not too many people knew of the event. So the first KNOWN international WordCamp event took place in Israel on October 25, 2007

Congrats to Josh Leuze for getting the right answer.


Be sure to download episode 60 of WordPress Weekly which features a one hour interview with Charles Stricklin, host and producer of The WordPress Podcast. Also, Sam Bauers of bbPress has been rescheduled for July 17th.

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6 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 61 – Could WordPress.com Ever Rebrand?”

  1. Hey there,

    Have been listening to all the latest episodes via iTunes on my iTouch while I went here and there, and I have spit some coffee on a early morning when I heard on that June 12 episode that Matt tried to GPL a stake LOL but anyways..

    About this episode, either of the two WordPress should rebrand, but I’d like to see WordPress.Com become wp.com -the vacant domain that they have that redirects to WordPress.Com- because it is very short and friendly and because it would lesser the confusion between the Open Source WordPress Project and the WP Service.

    I have a lot of Blogspot Bloggers around here who say that WordPress sucks because you cannot add advertisement and it is obvious that they refer to the free hosting service of Automattic. If WordPress.Org would rebrand, I’d see a lot of blogs going down who blog about WordPress and rebranding themselves as well, kinda headache for everyone who is truly involved in the project in their own unique ways, add to it all the plugin names that have to be renamed as well.. Geeeek..

  2. I’ve been using WordPress since the early days so distinction between .com and .org is clear to me.
    But for a lot of people WordPress IS wordpress.com and it’s a sad fact that the self-hosted (original version) suffers because of this.

    Ideally, WordPress.com should be the one to rebrand because rebranding WordPress.org wouldn’t make it WordPress any more!
    But the effort involved might make that improbable.


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