1. JLeuze

    Congratulations on hitting number fifty Jeffro!

    It was neat to hear about Cathy’s experiences with new users as I myself do quite a bit of training and support of new users.

    Maybe you should get a WordPress.com blogger on the show sometime. It would be interesting to get the perspective of a regular end user that is just concentrated on blogging and not tinkering like most of us ;)


  2. Patrick D.

    First time listening live. Usually download for the drive to work. Good show. After-show was…odd, but interesting.


  3. WordPress Podcasts Make it to 50 Episodes | Blogging Pro

    […] Lastly, on April 11th, Jeff Chandler and I released our episode, and while Jeff did give the episode a little bit of a special notice, the episode was more about our special guest, Cathy Perkins otherwise known as The WordPress Wizard and so the episode was named “Interview With Cathy Perkins”. […]


  4. Vin

    Good show. I sometimes have to train users too so was good to her Cathy’s perspective. What was that SEO plugin called that she mentioned? There were a few other good plugins, like the one she couldn’t pronounce.

    Anyone know any of the plugins she mentioned?

    Any links would be appreciated.

    I’d also be interested to hear a WordPress.com blogger on the show.


  5. Jeffro

    @JLeuze – Thanks Man, feels good to reach 50 but it will feel even better to hit 100. Lorelle is a WordPress.com blogger so maybe I’ll get her on to explain more about the differences between .com and .org

    @Patrick D. – Nice to have you part of the live show for once. The aftershow was everything but normal but that is what happens during every aftershow.

    @Vin – The SEO plugin she mentioned was called HeadSpace 2 SEO I’ll have to give the podcast a listen again to get the other plugins she mentioned.


  6. JLeuze

    @Jeffro – Yeah, 100 episodes will be a real accomplishment, better have a party for that milestone!

    It would be interesting to hear from Lorelle about her experiences on WordPress.com specifically.

    I have thought about doing some casual blogging on WordPress.com myself, just to learn more about that particular aspect of the WordPress community. And of course buy a few fancy upgrades and contribute to WordPress a bit more. ;)


  7. Dgold

    Best episode ever? This might be my favorite one so far. Your guest The WordPress Wizard was incredibly insightful. You took this episode to a different level than a lot of WP Weeklys, this helped more with addressing clients and the reasoning / explanations of using WP. Excellent questions, answers, material. I looked up several sites and plugins that were referred to verbally in this after listening to it twice last weekend (yes it took me a while to get around to hearing this one, but it was worth saving and focusing on it). I hope this guest returns for more. I kind of want to do what she does, in helping introduce more people to WP. I have already showed a couple local businesses how and why to use WP, RSS, and Twitter. I think I’m on the page that WP Wizard is on. She’s right on. Thanks for this Jeffro, David, Cathy.


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