1. Hank

    Can’t you do anything about the audio quality? It’s very ghetto that you always have audio issues.


  2. Jeffro

    @Hank – Sure. I could record locally and edit it all myself and then upload it and it would come out better, but then I lose the live aspect of the show, something I’m not willing to give up. In this scenario, Davids audio quality and my audio quality did not suffer. Vladimirs Skyper connection was fine until he entered the chat room, then it degraded horribly. This was an issue on his end, not mine. The past two times however, I lost my SIP connection so I just did the show by cell phone.


  3. Spamboy

    In the podcast, you referred to using Flickr instead of the built-in WordPress gallery because the former offers better features. While that might be the case, you should consider the latter because of search.

    At WordCamp Dallas 2008, John Pozadzides explained in his presentation that it’s better to host the files on your site. Otherwise, when users perform Google searches against your photos, they will be directed to the static Flickr page link instead of the page on your blog which might be using the picture.


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