1. Glenn

    Nice interview, but just a tip: get to substance right away, not just worthless chat. On this recording, 7 minutes of introductory nothingness is enough to make me move on.


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    We’ve decided to shut off Auto Updates until a few weeks after WordPress 5.0 is released. We are very excited about Gutenberg and, we are testing / using the plugin now but,, that release is huge! We just don’t feel comfortable waking up one morning and seeing that all of our client sites are now running WordPress 5.0. We will manually install until then.


    • Gary

      It’s worth noting that WordPress 5.0 will not be pushed out as an auto-update, so there’s no need to disable auto updates of minor releases in preparation. There will be subsequent 4.9.x releases before 5.0.


  3. Rhys Clay

    Hey team, loved the ep. I wanted to point something out about gutenberg. Yes some of the block styles would be theme dependent but the block authors are responsible for setting the base block styles, this way when you change theme the blocks will still look ok.

    Better yet, I have been using react inline styles for my blocks that way the styling is more consistent and cant clash with the theme. This will undoubtedly bring about a lot of hate though from the ‘3old hats’.


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