WPWeekly Episode 26 – Homemade Yummy Pie!

wordpressweekly1In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Keith and I dissect the news of the week. We discuss why commenter’s and bloggers should use Gravatar, our thoughts and opinions on the new 2.7 dashboard mock up, Akismet 2.2.1 with stats and much more. We try to solve a problem which was submitted to us by Nicolas and before the end of the show, we give you our plugin picks of the week along with the job of the week. Don’t forget that next Friday, (Halloween) our special one hour guest will be Jane Wells who works for Automattic in the usability/experience department. As you can imagine, we’ll be focusing the conversation on WordPress and usability.

Stories Discussed:

Why commenters and bloggers should use Gravatar

The New 2.7 Dashboard

Akismet 2.2.1 With Stats

WordPress Ranked #33

Alex King Releases Carrington


Tune in to see if your comment or email made it on the air!

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Plugin Of The Week:

Jeff – Slayers Custom Widgets – Slayers custom widgets enables users to select which widgets appear on specific posts, pages, categories, and tag pages. By default, all widgets appear wherever the sidebar is loaded within your theme. With this plugin, you can configure where widgets are displayed on a per post basis. I’d like to see the ability to control which widgets appear on which template such as configuring a widget to appear on pages that utilize the single.php template while hiding that same widget from other templates.

Keith – Pluginstaller – This plugin allows you to control all aspects of plugin management far more effectively than the default behaviour in WP. It allows for the installation and management of plugins directly from the admin interface with no need for FTP or SSH access to your server’s file system. This is the kind of plugin I use on and off. When I’m installing a new WP instance and have a whole bunch of plugins to configure, I’ll use pluginstaller to handle the download, unzip and activate processes, and then sometimes I’ll turn it off. Pluginstaller also organizes the interface in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.

WordPress Job Of The Week:

Job was posted on October 22nd, 2008 by a company called Zidalgo. The job description is as follows:

I am in need of altering my loop display options on my index.php file. I currently have everything laid out the way I want it, but the page navigation does not work properly, since I’m utilizing multiple loops. I want four posts normally displayed, then four under them (hopefully in the same loop) that have different layouts. I want the page navigation to work according to all 8 posts.

More details await.

Project should be relatively easy for a PHP/WP experienced coder. Please contact asap for job. Thank you

If you’re interested you can contact numethod at gmail.com

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