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  1. Jay Syder

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the mention listened on Friday morning but was pretty busy so unable to reply at the time and yeah I watch WordPress TV sometimes and they are good. And yeah it is a pity about that last WordPress Camp in Auckland I was using WordPress for awhile then but only just getting into the community side and listening to you guys then. Most of my work I do now is for clients up in Auckland now so if it happened again would be fine flying up there for it.

    Also my name is spoken more like “sider” but that is normal most people don’t know how to say it, so no biggie.

    Oh and New Zealand is more commonly referred as “Middle Earth” now ever since “Lord of the Rings”. But we know what you mean with down under and would include both but more of an Australian thing.

    And interesting Podcast, especially for me being younger and hearing the reasoning for HTML and CSS rules.


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