WPWeekly Episode 218 – The 2015 Year in Review Part 1 of 2

There’s a lot that happens in the WordPress ecosystem throughout the course of a year. In this episode, Marcus Couch and I run down our selection of big news stories from January to June.

One trend we noticed is that there were quite a few unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns. Listen in to find out if any of the services and companies that launched earlier this year are still in business. Part two will record on Wednesday, December 30th.

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Next Episode: Wednesday, December 30th 9:30 P.M. Eastern

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the shoutout about Postmatic. I’m happy to hear that it freaked you out the first time you used it. We aim for that effect.

    We’ve been bouncing around the idea of crowdfunding the next round of Epoch development, so this episode is good timing for us.

    To that end, we’ve documented and expanded on the crowdfunding-in-WordPress conversation… and done a bit of our own research. Happy to share it for others. Note there are three different sheets there.


      1. Of course! Thanks for pointing that out. Happy to hear of any others we may have missed.


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