WPWeekly Episode 128 – Catching Up With Lorelle VanFossen

hello wp tavern from clark college wordpress class 2013
Clark College WordPress Class of 2013
In this edition of WordPress Weekly, we covered the headlines of the week such as what features will be in WordPress 3.8, the default BuddyPress theme being retired in 1.9, and when to expect 3.8 to be released. During the second half of the show, we were joined by Lorelle VanFossen. We found out what she’s been up to during the past few years and learned about her new endeavor teaching WordPress at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. This episode is long in length and not edited but I encourage you to listen to the complete show or at least the interview with Lorelle as I believe what she is doing at Clark College to be very important.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress 3.8 Is On Schedule
WordPress 3.8 Merge Window Closed: New Features Now Locked In
Themify Announces Security Vulnerability With Fix
WordPress For Android Gets a Major Update
RIP BuddyPress Default Theme: Finally Laid to Rest in 1.9

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Next Episode: Friday, November 22nd 3 P.M. Eastern – Special Guest Tom McFarlin

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One response to “WPWeekly Episode 128 – Catching Up With Lorelle VanFossen”

  1. Thanks Jeff for the article on our Clark College WordPress class in Vancouver, WA. This is my first semester at Clark and my first class in web development was the WordPress class. I can tell you it made all the difference in the world to hit the ground running and take a course I could sink my teeth into. I’m very jazzed about WordPress, but esp the WordPress community. I interviewed our dept head and he mentioned the WordPress community was the main reason he selected WordPress over other Content Management Systems. Thanks again for the props to the first WordPress degree program in the country. Our instructor, Lorelle VanFossen, is topshelf and a WordPress true believer. Her enthusiasm is contagious.


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