WPTavern VIP Is No More

Today, I’ve disbanded the WPTavern VIP Program that I launched at the end of May. Everyone that was a part of the program was sent a pro-rated refund. I’ve been keeping tabs on this particular section of the forum and it was under utilized. I’ll take some of the blame for that. While I did keep up with the coupon portion, I didn’t put effort into the other areas of the program. To really get that section going, I would had to put forth extra effort and work which would take away from the site in general. I’m one man when in reality I need 5. I also didn’t think the program provided any value anymore and thus, was a waste of money. I know some of you simply went through the checkout process as a means of supporting me and the site which I sincerely thank you for but you paid money to be part of a value oriented program which wasn’t delivering on a consistent basis.

So instead of letting the subscriptions expire and simply disabling the subscription process, I wanted to get this out of the way as quick as possible. For those of you that subscribed and your money situation is bleak, think of this as a mini stimulus package!

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  1. I woulda been fine with continuing to pay , I just wanted to support the forum anyway I could.

    it IS nice to receive a stimulus though! (stimulating, you could say).


  2. Would there be a possibility for a PayPal donation link then?

    (And man, that’s a bummer, all the work upgrading the forums too!)


  3. To be honest I subscribed to the VIP section so I could support you and not for the coupons or the discussions there :)

    PS: be a good ecologist make a tutorial on the forums upgrade and integration with paypal subscription and sell it :).


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